24 March 2015

The Little Black Cut-Out Dress

Lulu*s Maxi Dress (more favorites here & here)

Spring has sprung, and for all you trend-loving music-buffs that means festival season is blossoming on the horizon. Spring break in Palm Springs — in this fab Lulu*s maxi — is quite possibly the perfect way to usher in the season. Whoever says black should be forgotten with your winter wardrobe is sorely mistaken.

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14 March 2015

San Francisco: Legion of Honor

Two weeks before I moved to San Francisco, my car's engine literally blew a rod. The estimate for a fix was upwards of $15k, so I junked it and gave thanks that the Bay Area is known to have a killer public transit system. As I become more familiar with the bus routes, I'm venturing a little further. Enter the Legion of Honor: The end of the Muni 18 line.

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12 March 2015

Spring Fling: Swoon-Worthy Heels

The timing couldn't have been better when ModCloth reached out to me to review their wedding shop, as two of my best friends are set to get married in the coming months and I am currently on the hunt for a few chic ensembles to wear to bridal showers and wedding events. Of course, the shoes you'll find in this post are appropriate for any occasion — you don't need to have a friend walking down the aisle anytime soon. Hell, they'd look great simply as display pieces on your living room bookshelf. Totally swoon-worthy.

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11 March 2015

Life Hack: Regrow Your Green Onions

My super low-maintenance plant in a bottle post got me wondering which plants you can grow with water alone - it's so easy! A quick Pinterest search turned up basil, mint and green onions among others. I figured I'd have a go at the onions. [By the way, the roots of my plant in a bottle have really begun to fill out. One of these days, I'll share an update photo.]

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08 March 2015

Dragons, Confetti and Banjos... Oh my!

Blue Vanilla Blazer | SheInside Blouse | H&M Pants
Nine West Shoes | Urban Outfitters Sunnies | H&M Tote

The streets were overtaken by a rainbow of dragons and confetti yesterday as thousands of people came out for the annual Chinese New Year parade in the heart of San Francisco.

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04 March 2015

A Name to Know: Linda Rodin

[photos courtesy of Refinery29 & Elle Magazine]

I discovered Linda Rodin on Pinterest years ago and became immediately obsessed. The woman oozes style. Ultra-mod with natural beauty — long gray San Franciscan-esque hair coifed around a pointed face like that of a frenchwoman, often set in a perfectly tousled bun, with an enviable complexion. WSJ called her a “stylist-turned-beauty guru” and The Coveteur said “she seems to only be getting cooler with age.” Rodin is in her late sixties, and she exudes a lust-worthy style that we’d all be better off for imitating.

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